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Creativity and technology become projects and reality, identifying concrete goals with our customers.

What We Do

Alias develops websites for both internet and intranet. We visualise the network as a means for businesses and communications to expand continually. For this reason our solutions combine original graphics with advanced technology, and the internally developed AreAdmin content management system allows all customers to manage content independently. We believe in the web, in its power to provide information, but we do not think that simply being present is sufficient.
So our projects are accompanied by services such as advanced search engines, marketing and web advertising which allow for an adequate return on the investment.
Way of Working
We do not have a price list or a catalogue but we have our expertise and the desire to cooperate. You can see what we have already done, but we want you to know what we can do for you.
Your modus operandi is fundamental, but we also need to know how to communicate your individuality. From the logo to the website, from the visiting card to the catalogue, everything must reflect who you are. We create the image of our customers by starting from scratch, or by altering an existing image. We can revamp without disrupting, change while remaining recognizable, recreate a new image without looking back.
Our graphic designers have very different creative backgrounds and different expertise and experience, which guarantees a unique solution every time.
Way of Working
As we work we are in continuous contact with the customer, and we evaluate the work at every stage to optimize every aspect - whether planning the visual identity or completing a brochure.
For this reason we like to meet, listen to and get to know the client and what they do, even if it may not seem important.
Once upon a time we used paper, and fortunately it still exists. Sometimes it is used to wrap up a CD or DVD but the packaging alone is not enough. Digital communication has clear rules - we must offer information in such a way that its structure allows maximum accessibility to the user. We take care of digital communication, which can also be considered as advertising in the form of a banner, from the preparation and montage of images and films to the organization of information and the study and implementation of the framework.
Way of Working
Our input may be the business catalogues, the press books, a traditional advertising campaign. Our output is always an original multimedial creation, which combines the aims and objectives established with a digital product which responds efficiently to the communicative needs of the client.
We develop vertical software in saas logic - software as a service - or rather, software that is intended as a service and not as a product, and which therefore should not be sold but supplied. All of our software solutions on the web combine advanced technology with user-friendly and original design. We believe that information should be readily available, and being able to access the software from any place and with different devices is an indispensable requirement for companies who are most interested in innovation.
Way of Working
All of our software has the concept of evolution as its basis. Markets change, needs change, businesses expand, customers increase, and the need for information must follow the flow of business. Our software updates are always available to all users and the continual process of evolution means that even as more and more functions become available there is no interruption to the modus operandi, thanks to a process of continuous and mutual adjustment. The users are the driving force behind the project, continually evaluating responses and proposing new growth. This is how the logic of Web 2.0 works when applied to improving business processes.